Also known as The Chronicles of Chaos, or simply Chaos, this is a fanfiction series by Streampaw which is interwoven with the almost parallel Story of Secrets. It is set in an alternate universe with clans (fast-forwarded into the future) , various rogue groups and a whole new territory. Unlike its counterpart Story of Secrets, it is set in clans instead of rogue groups.

While both series focus more on the characters than the main plot, Chronicles of Chaos (COC) is more to do with the plot while Story of Secrets is about the characters and backstory behind the events of Chronicles of Chaos.

Summary Edit

Chaos is always there. It lingers behind the curtains, just off-stage, waiting for the moment to leap on and take the centre. It drifts through air, through water. It hovers, unseen, waiting for someone to release it. And this time, it already has.

The once tightly-knit clans are on the brink of falling apart, a different side forming with every heartbeat. Everyone is a cheat and a liar at some point, and that some point is now.

Multi-chapter installments Edit

Heptagon (Chapters 4/7)- The first in COC time-wise, but not the first to be written. It tells the story of a band of young warriors/soon-to-be warriors who sneak out of camp to look for excitement and the events that follow.

The Flood That Follows (chapters 2/27)- set roughly around the time that Heptagon takes place. It details the events that take place before, after and during Heptagon from the point of view of Fern, a member of the Syndicate

Every story has a twist- Set after the events of the Flood That Follows, and the second to be written in the entire series.

Oneshots Edit

Whispering Hope- From the points of views of the characters in COC and their backstory

Trivia Edit

  • The author made this series on a whim but she has planned most of it out now
  • Streampaw and Mistleheart are currently the only authors affiliated with this series. If you have any questions please comment down below