Evergreen is a pre- Every Story has a Twist fanfic that tells the story of an wrongly accused 'murderer' named Rookfeather

Chapter 1 Edit

My name was Rookfeather. Now, it’s just Rook. Why? because I’m an exile.

Only I shouldn’t be an exile.


Because I never did it. I never committed the crimes they thought I did. I never fed Thistlewing deathberries. I never murdered Thornstar, however much I wished I could. And I would NEVER, not EVER kill Birchleaf. I’d never kill my sister.

They thought I did it.

They thought I did it, because they found me there. They found me over their bodies, in the murderer’s position. Every time after I had been to heal them. They didn’t have someone else to blame. All they knew was that their medicine cat had been found next to all three dead cats. One of them was their leader. One of them was their deputy. And one of them was a queen expecting kits.

And they decided to exile me. To exile me, just to reassure the clan something like this wouldn’t happen again. They think they’ve done it. They think they’ve saved themselves. They think they knew how to stop it. They think they know it. But what they don’t know is that they haven’t gotten rid of the problem. What they don’t know is it wasn’t me.

I can’t remember what happened, not exactly. It was three moons ago. When I had just become a medicine cat. All I can remember is that there was someone else. A stranger with black fur. He was the one who had pinned me down each time. There was another one, a she-cat, I think. She did the killing. She should be punished. Not me.

Now I hate her. I hate her, for stripping me of my home. I hate her, for destroying my use. I hate her, for taking my life as a medicine cat. But most of all I hate her for killing Hermes.

He is a rogue. I say he is, because no one knows if he’s still alive. I don’t want to believe he’s dead. So I cling to this one piece of information I got out of Lily before she died. Yes, she’s dead. The stranger killed her too.

The day they exiled me, I left for twolegplace. It’s better than staying in the forest, knowing that there The Strangers roam free. i found cats, living together, under a leader named Indigo. I found cats, living like a clan would. I found cats, who wouldn’t throw me away. And so there I stayed. With them.

And now I have to go. I’ve found prey. I can’t stay too long, or they’d think I’m eating it by myself. But it was when I was about to leave when I heard something. I heard something coming from under the ground. I heard voices. Voices underground.