The story of secrets is a fanfiction series by Streampaw and Mistleheart. Set in an alternate universe, it details life of the cats of the syndicate, split into four "circles" of cats and the untangling of the tightly-woven net of secrets within.

It overlaps with The Chronicles of Chaos throughout the series, mainly through the River sub-series, Whispering Hope and The Flood That Follows. While both series focus more on the characters featured than the main plot, unlike its counterpart The Chronicles Of Chaos, its main focus is on the backstory surrounding the main plot of Chronicles of Chaos.

You can read them in whichever order you would like (once completed), but when referring to the universe in which the series takes place in, please refer to it as Chronicles of Chaos universe/coc universe

Summary Edit

Secrets cling to every cat like poison ivy. It sprouts in the most unexpected of places, thrives and grows in the most unlikely of circumstances. It diffuses, permeates, corrupts. For some, it seeps in to their core, acid blood. Secrets smell of honey and holly berry, beautiful even in death.

The syndicate has secrets. Too many, some say. They keep secrets close until they shatter, fragments that always end up piecing together in the end. The cats inside are crooked and gnarled, twisted over and over until they snap, but they never do. And each cat has a piece of one secret inside them, whether they no about it or not.

Multi-chapter installments Edit

In chronological order:

River series:

  • Born of the River (in progress, chapters 3/31)
  • other sequels

The Flood That Follows:

Evergreen (temporarily discontinued)

Every Story has a Twist (chapters 4/?)

One-shots Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the different times in which various installments were written, the writing quality differs extremely. Cringe warnings have been placed on those of bad quality or are poorly written
  • Streampaw and Mistleheart are the only authors currently affiliated with this series. If you have any questions or would like to help please eithermessage one of them or comment on this page